Why 360Science?
Flinn’s new customizable 360Science lab learning solutions surround teachers with all they need to incorporate more hands-on learning into the classroom or lab with a unique combination of easily modified hands-on lab experiences that are complemented by robust digital activities.
  • Robust digital content—assessments, videos, virtual reality (VR) clips and simulation activities—are paired with top-notch lab experiences to engage students.
  • Introductory, technique and summary videos prepare students and enhance the learning experience.
  • Our (included) online safety course ensures that proper lab protocol is followed.
  • Every lab solution is properly aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
Differentiated Levels
Short, guided, open and advanced inquiry lab options provide students the right amount of challenge.
Adaptable Instructions
Editable, digital instructions allow you to further modify a lab as needed for a perfect fit.
Simulation Exercises
Unique simulations give students familiarity with the experiment increasing lab confidence.
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) clips let student experience what it’s like to be “inside the experiment.”

"Flinn truly listened to teachers when they created 360Science™. From terrific products to awesome customer service, Flinn always helps us find ways to solve our lab challenges and bring great science experiences to our students!"

-S. Klingbile